Easily Encourage Others

There is no greater feeling than having someone pick you up when you are down.  To give you a spark.  To offer a little glimmer of hope.

Simple ways to help others.

Simple ways to help others.

If you want to make a big impact on another person, consider using one (or all!) of the following tips:

1) Send a handwritten note.  Penmanship at one time was a required course.  Clearly that’s not the case anymore.  This doesn’t need to be fancy, can be a postcard, or even a sticky-note.  People appreciate the effort and thought of this act.

2) Pick up the phone, call, and let them know you were thinking about them.  We all text.  We all connect somewhere online.  We don’t always visit voice to voice.  This doesn’t need to be long, especially if leaving a voicemail.  A quick phone call (or even a not so quick one) has the potential to further any relationship.  Be genuine.

3) Find one helpful resource they could use and send it to them.  This is something I’ve heard from tons of people, yet I don’t think it happens as often as it could.  When you are aware of what people are experiencing, or you come across something interesting, does anyone else come to mind?  If so, send it to them!  People love being thought of, and will appreciate something that offers value to them.  Again, keep it simple, and remember it does NOT need to be extravagant.

4) Share a post or update of their’s on social media.  Who doesn’t enjoy being liked, shared, or commented on?  We have tremendous power behind a single click to let others know we derived some value from what was shared with us.  Remember your last post, tweet, or update that received ZERO feedback?  Not a great feeling.

5) Link to their blog, profile, or other online presence and praise them.  This is one I have been a recipient of.  People choose to recognize or mention me, and it was encouraging to hear that others felt I had some how added value to them.  We all want to make a difference, so if you have been positively impacted by another person – share the love!  Tell others why you value them, and help others connect with them.

What is your favorite way others encourage you?  If you had only one chance to try and encourage someone what would you do?  Leave a comment below.

10 responses to “Easily Encourage Others”

  1. Charles Hutchinson says :

    These are great ways to encourage. We all need encouragement. I was so surprised when a mentor and close friend told me that, sometimes he just needs someone to affirm that he is being heard. I left with the thought that, sometimes it’s just a positive word that can encourage someone. Especially those in authority or leadership positions.

    • sparkvoice says :

      It is amazing how quiet and/or lonely it can feel when a person is in various roles. One of the things that keeps playing over and over in my mind is that these are simple. Chances are if you have a thought to say something or do something positive for a person, it’s because they could use it at that moment. Thanks for adding to the discussion.

  2. Matt Ham says :

    Thoroughly enjoyed this insight! All too often, we get caught up in our own worlds and we forget the simply calling to love others. These tools above are great resources to show that love. I personally used to write every new client a handwritten note, something I stopped a couple of years ago. I’ve often thought it time to restart that grateful act. Additionally, I would schedule phone calls to friends as an opportunity to encourage.

    These are great reminders – thanks for sharing!

    • sparkvoice says :

      Relatively speaking, these are simple acts that do a lot to help others. We DEFINITELY get distracted and busy in our own worlds. Matt I’d love to hear what transpires if you pick the act back up with your new clients. I believe that scheduling blocks of time to do what most have in their minds to do would be very helpful. Thanks for adding to the discussion!

  3. tcavey says :

    You’re a great encourager. It’s a gift you have. Thanks for sharing this post. There really are so many ways we can let others know we care and are thinking of them. Sometimes all I have time for is a text to a friend, but sometimes that’s all they need.

    • sparkvoice says :

      Thanks for that compliment TC. You bring up a good point – we’re busy. In our busy-ness we still have those moments where we think of another person, and believe we should reach out to them. Sometimes it’s as simple as a text. The hope here, is that we take action and encourage others when we think about them. Thank you for jumping in!

  4. Dan Black says :

    Great post man! One of the things I enjoy is to call and encourage my friends, it ends up being a win win situation because both people are blessed.

    • sparkvoice says :

      Appreciate those sentiments Dan. Great point about it being a win-win! There is definitely value in it for us, as well as the other individual.

  5. business consulting says :

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