Society Given Labels Destroys #Potential

The Power of Labels

Labels are used to help us know or associate items.  Show a red octagon and we expect others to know to stop.  Show an arrow in any direction and we expect others to follow.

The same is true for products.  For instance, GAP, Gatorade, Taco Bell, Chase, are all ways that we could identify clothing, drinks, fast food, or banking.

What about people?  What about how we label people?  Do our labels alter their lives?  Does troublemaker, rough, worthless, or other term sabotage another’s real value?

When we label others as anything – rich, poor, successful, unsuccessful, or failure we are “boxing” that person into preconceived ideas.  Imagine the world without King David (adulterer), Paul the Apostle (killer), Abraham Lincoln (business failure), Booker T. Washington (emancipated slave), Frederick Douglass (runaway slave), Thomas Edison (failed inventor), Theodore Roosevelt (sickly) or more current folks like Sir Richard Branson (stupid).

Learning to see others as more than their labels can help the “labeled” unlock their real potential.

Each of these people faced their own unique situations and circumstances to be known today – from failure to persecutor to slave to sick to stupid.

Who are you willing to take a chance on?  What label are you willing to help destroy?

How do you help others overcome society given labels?  (Please leave a comment below).

6 responses to “Society Given Labels Destroys #Potential”

  1. tcavey says :

    Great post.
    We are a society that likes labels.

    I was talking with a friend recently about Liberals verses Conservatives. It’s funny (and sad) how we let those labels define us and separate us. If we could see people as people and not labels, maybe our world would begin to see some healing take place.

    I’m so thankful Christ didn’t see a label when He saw me, He simple saw me and loved me. He does that with all of us. How great is that!!!

    • sparkvoice says :

      I believe that it’s best said in Galatians 3:26-29. When we establish labels, we are dividing and creating barriers that Christ destroyed.

  2. Caleb says :

    I think it really comes down to understanding our identity in Christ. If we can get a grasp on that then the labels will mean very little.

  3. Dan Black says :

    Great post!

    It’s important to get over how someone looks like on the outside and see them from the view point of how God sees them. Whenever I start labeling a person I stop myself to reflect on how God seems them. I work with troubled youth so I have to do that a lot:)

    • sparkvoice says :

      I bet you have had tons of experiences and thoughts about appearance. Someone once told me that every person was created in God’s image, so there is always some element they possess that resembles Him. He definitely sees their hearts. Thanks for bringing a great point to the post!

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